3. Kapitel: Peaceguard

Ming Guang woke up on the giant scrapyard for the third time. John rolled by below her hammock and peeped a good morning. Ming stroke his sensor. Slowly she overcame her fear, that the small thing would kill her in her sleep. By now she even empathy, she even cared for the little John. He was by far to young and therefore surely not one of the monsters responsible for the cyberwar. Encountering him, Hikari and Jano had opened a chance for her to see, what noone else could ever see in Humanation, that in the line of there enemies there could also be various different creatures, even friendly ones.

She stood up and looked around for Hikari, but she was nowhere to be seen. So Ming went to the door. In a bright purple the sun was just rising over the glimmering pills of junk and the opening flower blossoms.

Feather clould spanned over the sky.

Hikari stood on a hill of metall next to the remains of a crashed aircraft and watched in the sky some yellow stips of cloud closing in on them. Ming came to her side.

Hikari smiled happily: "There he is, Syfor is coming!"

"The spacecraft?" Ming asked.

Hikari nodded: "You should start to pack."

So Ming went inside and collected the few things see had left, also the big book Hikari had written and plundered the fridge. This self produced food was just to good.

Syfor had landed by now and talked to Hikari and told stories of his adventures in space. Jano stepped filled with joy inside the old friend.

"Before I lose all my computing capacity in telling about all the exciting things out there. I have picked up someone yesterday, and I have to get him again, before we can go on. You need to remind me of that. Oh, and I shouldn't leave him there for more than 12 hours. So maybe we should hurry" remarked Syfor.

Hikari widened her eyes: "Whaat? You left him in space? Why aren't we already on our way?"

Syfor defended himself: "Well he really wanted to Humat and I really rather didn't..."

But Hikari was already jumping up and running inside grepping her pack rucksack and a shoulder bag and shouted for John and Jano to hurry up.

Ming just saw her back swirling by like a tornado rushing through and out of the door again und followed her outside a little confused to the waiting ship. As soon as she boarded with John the ship closed and started its engines. Ming sat down on a bench at the side and close her seatbelt.

"Welcome on board! You are travelling with a spaceship of the Syfor class. We are leaving the atmosphere in 25 minutes and will fly with a small detour to Ying in the Omega system. If you have any wishes or needs, please feel free to ask your ship. I wish you a pleasant journey, your ship!" the ship anounced.

Hikari smiled: "Thanks, Syfor!"

John whizzed around excited to see space for the first time.

After 25 turbulent minutes Syfor left the atmosphere behind and switch on the 1g sublight acceleration to get in the position for a jump. 2 hours later they reached the undisturbed juming point. Ming still was having breakfast, which she had to have to delay due to the sudden departure.

"Dear crew, please prepare for the superlight jump!" asked Syfor and waited patiently for everyone to get ready and disapeared in a space-time bubble.

Riano was still floating in the zero gravity and his oxygene was nearly depeated. Inefficent outdated suit, Riano thought in a kind of doze. He tried to shut his body down the most he could to safe oxygene. By now he was here 10 hours in the middle of space. He already computed how probable a rescue in this position could be and after careful evalutation of all variables his result was very disillusioning. In the remaining 2 hours there would most likely noone be coming to pick him up and safe his life. In the end he would now sufficate in space. That he could had have faster, if he had just died during the explosion of the K-7-alpha as he was supposed to. He sighed and look out at the starlight. A faint memory crossed his mind. He had dreamed of this, when he was a child, floating endlessly in the sky between the stars. In a strange way this thought eased him. Where was this nostalgia coming from? Possibly a result of begining hypoxia.

A sudden cold stroke his body, disappearing as fast as it came. He knew the feeling. He remateralized and crashed on the floor of a spaceship, not just any space ship of the ship that had forsaken him.

"Hitchhiker onboard!" declared Hikari.

"How is he?" Syfor asked. Hikari kneed before him and opened the claps of the helmed of the helplessly by the weight of his suit overpowered Riano lying on his back and took of his helmet.

He stared confused at the face of the young girl, that had covered one eye


She smiled: "So, how are you?" while helping him to take of his suit piece by piece. He hear her voice just like a dimmed distant whisper. He focused every muscle of her face and wondered how and why he felt reminded of being a child so much. He noticed his own face mimicing her expression subconstiously and making him feel better.

He pulled himself together, slimmed his eyes and demanded: "I must reported on Greenearth. It is urgent. Set Course for Greenearth! That is an order."

Hikari shrik from him. But Ming merely raised an eyebrow: "This is not a military vessel. Who are you anyway?"

"Highlieutenant Riano, arms officer of the K-7-alpha." Riano replied.

Ming sighed: "We are going to Ying. If you want to go to Moth so badly you should wait for another ship."

Riano sat up: "Ying? I ordered you to take me to Greenearth! You have to!"

Ming wasn't the least impressed: "You should be glad to be alive, because we came for you. Filing Demands now seems to me kind of ungrateful."

Hikari tried calm everyone: "I think you seem to be out here for quite a while. Surely the report can have reached Moth without your personal statment, so one day more or less shouldn't make to much of a difference, right? I am Hikari by the way."

She reached out her hand. Ming examined him distrustfully from the distance. Riano peered at both of them baffled and took eventually Hikari's hand.

Ming gasped unamused: "What good can be a arms officer on a research mission?"

She was obviously malcontent with his presence. In the case he noticed where she had picked up Hikari, she could count on a serious punishment and even worse, if he figured out what Hikari was or Syfor or John and Jano, which put themselfs in Standby for the time being, there was no telling what would happen.

Something like this could be misinterpreted as act of terrorism. And of course he appeared to be one of the more obstinate examples of his kind, with seemingly low consideration for the needs of others outside his ranks. Ming to that day had not found a peaceguard she did get along with well on all her research missions and collaborations. Especially on Labro she had gain nothing but bad experiences with the peaceguards and that clouded her relationship to them.

But Hikari keep up her innocent smile, while she was helping him on his feet: "I am convinced that saving someone from his death will be good for something. And as soon as we have planetary ground under our feet we are no longer bound together in any way, right?"

As he stood up, his view darkened. He stumbled and Hikari helped him sit down on the steel bench at the side.

He had endured a barotrauma, possibly a frissure in his eardrum, maybe a hypoxia and he had not eaten or drunk anything for a day and now it all surfaced in pain. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He tried to concentrate on something else than the noise in this blaring ears and the pain in his joints. He heard Hikaris voice damped coming through his riped ear: "How can I help you?"

Part of her sympathized with him, even though he did not seem to manage in this civil context. Peaceguards often started on the military academies at a pretty young age and had almost no normal civil life aside it.

"Food!" he replied short. Ming shook her head disapprovingly. But Hikari remained friendly and opened up a box with a violett Creme to offer it to him. He eyed the substance skeptically. So she ate a spoon herself: "It is really okay!"

He took it reluctantly, but due to lack of other options he started to eat.

He should already be dead, he thought. What if, he was dying right not and halluzinated all of this due to hypoxia. All of this was not very real. The returning ship, an symbolnamed professor and a girl, remembering him of being a child. His mind had to be already very dazed to pass it as real. Perhaps it would stop any second now and he would be dead. He should enjoy as long as he could. With the first spoon a wonderful taste exploded in his mouth, fruit and sweet. He could not remember to ever have eaten something so tasty like it.

Approving he looked up to Hikari: "Good job!"

"Thanks!" Hikari responded happily. Rianos face mimiced hers again and it felt good. He could sense deeper and more clear than he had for a very long time. But a vague sensation sneak in he did not know or understand.

While eating he gazed at Hikari, her blond hair, her pointy nose, her lively blue eye, her gentle lips, filled with kindness and compassion. Her face seemed true and uncontrived. He suddenly could understand its emotions better than ever anyones. In the peaceguard it was important to show neither emotion nor expression, to focus completely on the duty. So he seemed to have forgotten how good it felt to see empathy. He never thought that these emtions would still rest in him, even if this was all just a surreal dream.

He mirrored Hikaris raised cheeks and eyebrows and perceived her emotions as something his soul had longed for to express.

He felt his heartbeat speeding and a warm sensation. Such a reaction he had never encountered, possibly a consequence of his physical trauma.

He queried Ming: "Do you possess any knowledge of medicin or physiology or biology?"

He wondered how silly this quest might be, if he was really just dreaming.

Ming chuckled: "Oh, Boy. I am a professor for exobiology and you are asking me if I have any knowledge? But we have no resources here to treat anything. I think I can not be much of help to you here."

Riano clarified: "I was sucked into space and was stranded in a spacesuit for another 10 hours. At least it would help to examine the damage."

Ming stood up sighing and kneed before him. She took his wrist and counted the puls. Then abruptely she pinched his feet. He squeeked. Then she tapped his cheek round the nose.

"Hikari, hand me a torch!"

Hikari provided one. Ming flashed in his ears.

She summarized: "Given the circumstances you are really lucky. There seem to be no embolism in the spinal cord otherwise your feet would be numb. There can still accure embolisms in other parts of the body. In case you feel numb in any parts of your body or dizzy or numb, like out of the ordinary for you, it can indicate a embolism in your brain. Your paranasal sinuses are hurting for sure, but you can be relived there are not ruptured just like your left eardrum. Your right one is. Normally this is easy and uncomplicated to treat in a usual practice, but It will also grow back in a few weeks. Your skin appears to have recovered, the blue-grey patterns are almost completely gone. The pain in muscle and joints due to the decompression should also wear off soon. Maybe you will feel sore muscles but you'll survive it, won't you? Your low bloodpressure can be explained by the hypoxia and sugar deficiencies. Just eat and use the inhilator if needed!"

"Yes, Mam!" confirmed Riano, instinctively seeing her as a supreme authority.

Ming took a breath: "Your welcome..."

Riano tried to remain rational, he could not give in his fear of dying.

"When will we be ready to jump?" he inquired.

Hikari explained: "That could still take a while. We had to depleate the anti matter in order to be here in time. I would estimate it should at least take another 12 hours."

"Deficient!" he ruled.

Ming was to tired to reply and sat down in the pilot seat. What a prospect.

Hikari offered them more food, which both of them took thanking.

After quite a while of quite eating, Riano wanted to break the disapproving silence between him and Ming.

"Professor if I may ask, at which university are you teaching?"

Ming looked up, a little warmed by his attempt to commuicate:

"Well, at the Anpin University, on Ying. My name is Ming Guang by the way."

"A pleasure to meet you."

"The pleasure is mine." Ming smiled, "So and what was your mission here in the middle of nowhere?"

Riano explained: "Actually I came from Omega, how I exactly ended up here I'm still uncertain. My mission was the protection of the Omega-system from pirates. But we failed, as far as I can remember. My ship exploded and I was ejected to space. I should have been dead, however I woke up on this ship, or at least I believe so. I tried to get to Greenearth to report the loss of my crusier, but the ship had a malfunction and left me stranded after a the try to repair. The message still needs to get to Humat. But I have no clear record of the time that passed since, nor if all of my memories are accurate, since they appear highly inprobable, don't they?"

Ming nodded.

Hikari noted: "Well also the improbable does happen sometime. It is just not expected. You could call it luck!"

Riano smirked: "Luck? A strange concept. I would rather doubt my perception, if it wasn't confirmed by course the events, I remember. I mean what possible exponation is there for being found stranded in a spacesuit in the middle of nowhere? So probably I am lucky to be alive."

Ming confirmed: "Your symptoms are well matching your story. You are indeed lucky as hell to be alive."

"Is that so?" Riano wondered.

Hikari smiled: "I think so. The survival in general appears to be preferable, or desirable. Does it make you feel sad to have lost your comrades?"

Riano was irritated: "Sad? I am disappointed by their incompetence. They didn't have to died, if they had worked harder."

Riano looked into Hikaris compassionate eyes and feel suddenly uprising grief and despair. He realized for the first time that he lost all he knew or where he was home and it drained his throat: "You are right!"

Fluid pumped into his eyes. Hikari sat down next to him, lying her hand on his shoulder.

He took a deep breath: "Yes, it is sad."

He summoned all his confidence facing her to not give into the emotions: "But it is our duty. We have to protect Humanation!"

Ming shook her head and wondered: Humanation or the population?

Riano tried to change the subject: "By the way how did you manage to find me at all?"

Hikari faltered: "Well, the ship, I guess, the ship told us. I mean the suit belongs to the ship, right. So it reported your position."

Riano nodded: "Makes sense. Did you fix the malfunction by now?"

Hikari scratched her neck: "I think there won't be any more malfunctions."

Riano looked at Ming: "You studied spacecrafts, too?"

Hikari harrumphed coyly: "I studied spacecarfts. I am a trained engineer."

Riano view her top to bottom: "You are already an engineer? You are hardly much older then 20. Impressing."

Riano had thought of her as an assisting student, maybe in the low grade. But he did not expect her to have an civil degree this young. That didn't make any sense. In the peaceguard it was possible due to their young specialisation, but in the civil eduaction this was unusual.

He turned to Ming: "So she is your pilot?"

Ming laught at him: "No, she is a college."

Riano was even more confused. Could it be all in his head? But he stopped asking any further.

So Hikari ask: "So were you raised?"

Riano explained: "I was born on Newland, I joined the peace with the age of 14, was promoted to sergeant with the age of 18 and served 8 years in Moth. I was promoted to lieutenant during that time. 5 years ago i was promoted again and stationed in the Omega system to fight the pirate threat as highlieutenant armsoffices on the K-7-alpha. It was extrodinary

that the ship survived that long given the constant attacks in Omega."

"I've never been on Newland. Is it beautiful?" she asked.

He halted: "Beautiful? I... I don't... Well, as one of the inner Humatmoons it is a little cold and there are strong tidally caused storms. Besides that the climate is acceptable 13°C on average. So where are you from?"

Hikari pondered a blink and answered: "From Purentia. Well it isn't the nicest habitat, but sometimes I do miss the beauty of these enchanting, glittering, shining ice surfaces in the relected light of the planet. This lightblue is just so beautiful."

"Purentia? Why didn't you become a peaceguard?"

Purentia was one of the icy moons in the Fhere-system, only kept near the freezing point by geothermal processes. There were no cities just research facilities and peace bases. Children born and raised there, were produced for the peaceguards, to become leading officers. It was very uncommon that they did not chose that path."

Hikari smiled shyly: "I am good in repairing things, but I am bad in letting people die."

Riano nodded: "But as peaceguard we serve not so that people die but so that they live."

Hikari shook her head, and for a click Riano thought to see anger flashing in her eye, but see sighed calmly: "Anyway, I don't want to be a soldier anymore."

Riano got an strange idea: "It's a pity, we could have served Humanity together some day."

Hikari smiled: "Maybe we will, but not with weapons."

He nodded.

Ming yawned and called: "Hikari, come take the pilot seat! I have to get some sleep."

She stood up and took the seat. Ming took a sleepingbag and fixed it on the floor. Syfor dimmed the light. Riano leaned back and watched Hikari in the light of the distant stars. She typed some commands an the panels.

Riano gazed at her and her words echoed through his mind. He was confused by the flood of emotions, bubbling up and flowing through and he didn't know how he should feel first. It was so unreal and still he hope deeply that it was not his final dream. All the marks the events had on him showed and he felt his eyes wettening. That had not happened since he was a child. Suddenly he could feel deeper and clearer, how desperate he was about losing his ship and how afraid he had been of dying. A drop peeled down his cheek. Something here was different. Here he had space to think and to feel straight. But there was still something more and he felt something he did not understand, when he looked at Hikari, how her picture reflected by the screen was painted between the stars. He didn't know how to tell if Newland was beautiful or not, but when he looked at her, remembered her voice, he knew that she was beautiful in all her being and he didn't know why. He respected her. But it was something more. He cared. How did he realize that? He cogitated about it lost in her image.

At some point he stood up and took the copilot seat next to her. She briefly smiled at him, before concentrating on the controls again: "Are you doing better?"

He nodded: "I think so. I am not longer hypoglycemic, the pain is resolving and I can think and feel clear and straight."

He took a moment and a deep breath: "I am frightened, it could all be over soon. what if this is just a halluzination and I am really out there dying? I won't wake up again, will I?"

Hikari chuckled: "If so, you're having a soliloquy. But that is not true, except for we are all living the same dream, because I don't know what you are thinking and you don't know what I an thinking. We exist in a common reality we can both expirence. You don't die, you are here right next to me."

"What I just said must have sounded insanely stupid."

Hikari shook her head: "Not at all. I think it is reasonable, if you just escaped death. Also it is courages to reveal ones fears."

He looked at her. He could not remember to have seen clarity and honesty like hers. It was not appropriate for the peaceguards to show their inner self, but he noticed how relieving, freeing, conforting it was. Hikari was so different, so much more empathatic. He could not imagen her in the ranks of the peace.

Her eye shyly searched for his: "I guess I have said something stupid, right? I mean that was not what you expected. You did not want to hear my opion, did you? I'm sorry!"

"No! I wanted to hear it!" Riano confirmed quickly, "Communication is good. I appreciate your honest answer!"

She chuckled softly: "Even without permission to speak freely, highlieutenant? You are an extrodinatry peaceguard. I am really glad to have met you."

"I could say the same about you, cadet. Of course you should speak freely, especially since you are not a peaceguard and for certain not my subordinate and for me your thoughts are important."

Hikari giggled quietly.

He asked: "Did I say something wrong?"

She shook her head: "Not at all! It is very delightful talking to you... I just... I wished we had an oppertunity to get to know eachother better."

He smiled: "How I see it we will stuck here for at least a few more hours, right?"

She nodded: "That is true. We should make the best of it, Riano!"

Riano nodded and gazed through the frontscreen: "Maybe we are lucky and the Superlight drive is still malfunctioning. I mean actually I joined the peace to expirence exactly that, the floating in the eternity between the stars, looking up to the little pale dots, which our civilisation seems to be from here, and seeing distant galaxies millions and billions of lightyears ahead shining from the edges of the space time of your unisverse, to feel so tiny and ridiculesly unsignificant and so astonishingly powerful at the same time, so that we can understand it."

Hikari was smiling and her eye followed his out to the stars: "That is truely beautiful. I do understand this. That is the most marvelous thing about being a researcher, to fly of through endless space for one star to the next, to discover new worlds, see the starlight glittering in the icy disk of a giant gas planet or the sunrise of six suns over the surface of a moon. This universe is a wonderfilled place."

Riano sighed: "I wish we could just go on like this into where the star wind might guild us."

"No one will hold you back here!"

He shook his head: "No, I have taken an oath to protect the Humans and it would be gutless, to just give up. I am a peaceguard. Who knows I might get a exploring mission -some day."

Hikari sighed: "So we won't have a lot of oppertunity after all."

"Why? Our occupation should not restrain us from contact. I would enjoy your company also under different circumstances."

He looked at her and saw her blushing a little, which made him blush, too.

She responded: "If that is true, I am sure we will meet again."

Both of them look at the silent expanding darkblue sight before them.

Eventually Riano mumbled: "I think, I was never so glad to be alive."

Hikari smiled at him and he smiled back for what seemed to be an eternity.

"I am also glad you are alive." she replied and losed herself again in the wonderful sight and started to crone softly. The stars were shining in her blue eye and watching her Riano eventually dozed off.

When he wakened, again Ming leaned back in the pilotseat and Hikari sat in a corner next to some wierd metalstructures. He stood up and walked over. He peered at John and startled: "This model is eqipped with Sensory as well as mobility. The sensor needs to be destroyed. It is a serious Cydanger!"

He lifted John with one hand and tried to screw off his sensor. John started to peep in panic. Shocked Riano raise his hand to smash it against the next wall. A shudder ran through Hikari and with her next breath her left was holding, almost crushing Rianos hand. He let go of the machine due to an unbearable pain. Her right hand catch John in his fall. With a furious eye she demanded: "You will never touch him again. Understood?"

Riano look shocked in her face. Her mimic, her voice had changed completely. He nooded frightend. Hikari let go of him und put John carefully back on the ground und stroke his sensor: "Are you okay?"

John peeped scared, while Hikari tried to console him. Riano held cursing his hand for a moment und stambled backwards, falling on the metal bench. He peered with terror at the small monstrosity and bewildered at the caring gentle girl petting the robot. He even noticed the Morse from his training. It seemed the robot refered to him as an monster.

"Hikari, you should keep some distance. This robot could become concess anytime. This machine must be eliminated before it becomes to powerful."

She turned back to him with the friendly, kind face he was use to and asked very sincere: "So, do we also have to eliminate Humans, if they start to think for themselfs?"

Riano stared at her: "Of course not?"

"So why do you want to treat a machine like this?"

Hikari stood up and sat down next to him.

He warned her: "You should not underestimate there cruelty.

He looked at her left hand, which was wearing a glove. He pulled it back a bit and freezed: "You need to cut this of immediately! This Cyimplant is evil. Didn't you feel it? The Hateret of the robot is trying to overtake you. Come with me to Paradis! We can amputate the implant there."

Hikari busted in laughter. Ming shuke the head: "Yea, Hikari is the one, who has to change, Riano isn't she?"

Riano was confused.

Hikari replied: "You are a arms officer, aren't you? Didn't your hands kill hundreds of people more than this hand?"

Riano just tilted his head to the side. Hikari shuke her head and turned away. That hurt Riano. He wanted to make it right: "But you are a good person and this is just an injury that can be cured."

She looked up and smiled hestitatingly and he return her smile.

Syfor reported: "Antimatter capacity at 60%!"

"Glade to hear that!" Ming grinned, "We are ready for the jump to Omega. fasten your seatbelts!"

They did as told. Syfor stopped to acceleration and they floated. Syfor counted down: "Superlight jump in 3, 2, 1!"

They disappeared in utter darkness. Rianos hand just meet Hikaris hand in the black void. He felt her warmth and it started to rush into his body. A few minutes later new Stars twinkled through the front screen.

Riano shyly moved his hand away, but Hikaris attention was lost in the distant star clusters. The star Omega flared clear and bright through the screen from directly ahead.

Ming laughed: "Almost home!"

Just this instant Syfor declared: "Unidentified vessel approaching. Unidentified vessel."

Hikari floated up and monitored the characteristics of the unknown vessel on the displays next to the piloting panels. She typed a few commands and gasped: "That is huge!"

Syfor remarked: "Incoming communication signal."

Hikari opened a channel. On the display the fierce grin of a 30 maybe 40 years old man with a scar on left forehead and right cheek and a button of a red star on the side of the nose appeared. He waved at the screen:

"Welcome to the Omega-system! We came to pick you up and care for your accommodations for a while. So would you please proceed to our shuttle bay? If you don't we will at least start a nice firework for you. Pirate captain Reff out."

The communication stop and only the low hizz in the transmissionless channel hummed through the room, because none dared to speak up.

With a rush of adrenaline Riano felt back in his command routine.

"What are the military capacities of this ship? What kind of shielding is used in this model? Where is the weaponry?"

He pushed Hikari to the side to get a better overview of the situation. With one look at the controls he noted: "That is a problem. A battle with an unarmed ship is impossible."

Hikari smirked helplessly: "It might be best if we just complied."

Ming Guang agreed grim: "As if there was a choice."

Riano was dissatisfied with the decision, but even he did not see an alternative. Hikari steered Syfor in the direction of the giant battleship.

"Have we stored any weapon, plasmagun, pistols, knifes on board?" Riano asked Ming.

Ming eyes him sceptically: "What for? How would it help us?"

"To maximize the damage on our enemies."

Hikari took a deep breath, while she maneuvered closer to the hundreds of meter long ship: "If we stay alive, we can achieve more than that with our Knowledge."

Riano came to her side and analysed the battleship: "A K-ship 3rd generation with advanced armory systems. The crew needed to command the ship is usually not smaller than 175 members. Following this estimation I see not a high chance for our survival against this number and strength of our enemies."

Ming remarked: "If they just wanted to destroy us, they would have done so by now."

Syfor entered the air lock chamber. It closed behind him. A low pressure atmosphere stream in. The second lock gate opened and they entered the Hangar. Syfor landed between to other small space vessels on the magnetic rails.

"We have landed" blared Syfor.

Hikari announce: "I will open the hatch now!"

Slowly the steel door descended and the view opened on a dozens pistol armed pirates around the ship. As soon as the first identified Rianos Uniform, he immediately shot.

"Stop!" screamed Hikari and jumped against him, pressing him towards the floor. In Rianos ears hummed numbed the hiss of the plasma discharge. They bounced against the floor. He looked up over Hikaris shoulder in the front screen, that was pitched red by small floating droplets and gasped in shock: "Hikari!"

He reached for her back and felt her blood splashing on his hand. A fist sized hole was ripped open on her back.

She whispered biting her teeth still smiling: "I guess I was... not... fast enough."

Riano wanted to jump up and conterattack, but Hikari hold on to him with all remaining strength: "No, no violence, no death."

Riano gazed at her desperate and mumbled: "Hikari..."

He didn't knew anything else to say. He never had felt that helpless before. She could not just die in his arms, he would lose his mind, that could not be happening. The fear cut itching through him.

Ming had dashed before them: "Don't shoot! We are no threat!" She waved her empty hands up.

John pinched peeping Hikari frightened. Hikari blinked exhausted at Riano: "Try not to die." and fainted.