2. Kapitel: Student

A young major rushed with half marching half running steps along a concrete corridor passing the potraits of the gouverneurs of the 16 cities on Ying and 6 cities on Yang framed in shining glas. Cramped he hold a data cube in his hand. He knocked on the large, reflecting steel door to the conference room and sidled quitely through a thin slit in to the conference of the city gouverneurs, which at the moment were listing to the account of the gouverneur of the newest city Huali talking about the productivity. Silently and quickly he sneak around the massive black round table showing the giant rotating Hologram of the production percentage in different industries and holograms of the gouveneurs not physically present and stopped behind the Gouverneur of Anpin the largest city.

The small man with the falty forehead in his sixties sat facing the door and had already noted the entrance of the major with the lifting of an eyebrow. Couciously the major bend down wispering words in the gouverneurs ears and handing over the data cube. Gouverneur Rolco skimmed through the provided information. When the gouveneur of Huali had ended, Rolco as gouverneur of the biggest city the leader of the conference announced: "It seems we have to add a topic to the agenda. I will interlude it now, if I may, talking about the interstellar defence. Pirates have attacked again today and destroyed a complete K-type vessel, the K-7-alpha no survivors. This is a serious hit. And there was pirated activity reported from the beta planet region. We have lost 5 larger vessels in the course of just a month and the pirates become just more skilled, better equipped and more fearless of our peaceguards being even willing to sacrifice their lifes to destroy our vessels. The situation did just get worse over the last years independent of the reinforcements. However in lack of better alternatives the Humanation gouverment promised to launch a even stronger reinforcement soon." He connected the data cube with the projection table to make the information visible to all gouveneurs.

Gouveneur Rolco had already been a extremely skilled lietenant around the age of 20 and had been therefore recommended for the security of the first colony city on Ying Anpin to preferably raise up to high office on Greenearth of another Humat world as Admiral. But his carrier took a unforeseen turn for the worse, that forced him to stay on the colonies for lifetime. This event was the birth of his daughter, an inperfect child created by the animal instinct of sexual intercourse with a cadet of his team. She had hidden the pregnancy until birth. Even though he had banned her from the team and eliminated any contact with her, he could not persuade himself to exile the abomenation, his daughter. Such an error was tolerated on the colonies give that the harsh reality of the first settlers desprite lifes let turn back to primeval instinct. On the Humat moons how ever children were purely bred using flawless genetic material and grow up in so called childhouses, so that the population of the moons could be fine tuned. Every sexual contact was sanctioned in the Moth system. So Rolco was forced to life out his life were his falter was tolerated and was repaid by being able to raise his beautiful child. By now his daughter was already 22 years old and a student at the Anpin University. Her name was Loflain.

Loflain was chewing the end of the small silver stick used to write on her pad, lost watching the old white professor elegantly writing on a board of slate using a peculiar stick of chalk. The brunett curled haired girl next to her hissed with a dimmed voice: "Inefficent. Even he should use adequate equitment for this age."

Her name was Barnett a other student, with whom Loflain chose to spend most of the time.

Loflain sweep her straight black back and wispered, while transcribing the notes about the colonization: "This is the history class after all."

Barnett harrumphed hushed: "And it wouldn't be possible for this ancient creature to use the Holodesk without stretching his arms for every single letter..."

Loflain did not pay much attention to her words and her eyes wandered instead through the barely filled lecture hall down to the old bald patched professor Yonatan. Approximately 300 students would have fitted in the rectangular hall with half circular seat rows around the black board, which was mounted on a provisional, pushable wood frame. However only about 50 Students attended. Some of the students were strange fellows. Worker, artists, architects, even farmers were among them unlike the usual uniform future elite seen on the campus. Yonatan had a reputation for fighting hard to give anyone a chance to be educated. Barnett looked down disapproving, considering that their attendence costed the colony work forces, and that some of them might even not pay to follow the lectures. She had earned her right to be her starting at a very young age, being already the best pupil when 12 years old and aiding in important biological research early on especially in the conter measures against the Furian plague on Yang. She had been a part of the force that freed that planet and that was why she was recommended for several scholarships. In her eyes Loflains tolerance of these people was utterly unreasonable.

Despite being an execellent molecular and nano biologist, Loflain seemed to her naiv and credulous unable to engage with people and follow her best interest. This was why Barnett understood it as her duty to keep an eye on her and not let her talent be wasted on useless endeavours. Barnett could despite her best try not grasp what Loflain seemed to see in this lecture of this primeval professor.

"Is there anything troubeling you, Barnett?" ask the kind voice of the old man, staggering her from moaning to silence.

The professor draw a breath and declared gently: "I see. My writing is always causing some confusion, isn't it. If you'd like to bear with me, I will do my best to write more clearly. In any case the script of the lecture will be online this evening."

He turned back to the black board and continued with his beautiful, legible hand writing.

The lecture was almost over anyways and the only thing left to do was to dismiss the class.

Loflain packed her things in a hurry and came down the stairs towards the professor. With every step her movement grow slower and more insecure and she would have just turned around and went back up, had not the professor friendly asked her on the last but fourth step: "Loflain, can I be of any help?"

Barnett was waiting impationed at the upper end of the stair.

Shy and silent Loflain asked: "Well, in fact I... I was wondering, if you might be in need for an assistent. I admire your subject."

Yonatan pushed his glases up his nose using the forefinger and smiled gently rippling tousands of crinkles around his eyes: "Not at the moment I am afraid, however I could arrange something if you'd like."

Loflain's steps wavered back and forth hesitating to finally ask: "I would like that. By any chance, do you know anything about Professor Ming Guang, Professor? When will she be back? She is a great prof and the postdoc filling in for her, well... "

Yonatan smirked discreet: "... is a catastrophy, isn't he. This chinless wonder wrapped in a suit. She should have returned by now, but has not. Unfortunatly I don't know anymore than that. Let's hope she returns safely and rather sooner than later."

Loflain grined surprised: "I will most certainly, thank you very much Professor."

Yonatan shuffled his lecture notes together und look up: "Oh, before I forget, about the work, would you have time to meet me around 10 o'clock in my office? And You don't need to emphasise so much, respect should not be paid in titles and rangs, but for good ideas and ideals."

Loflain nodded: "Yes, so see you than tomorrow professor Yonatan."

She turned around and went back up to Barnett.

The students had already cleared the lecture hall while the professor was still packing his things. Eventually he turned of the light over the now silent rangs and when up the emergency lighted staircase in no hurry.

"Good evening, Professor." greated a voice next the the entrance. A shadow had slided in unnoticed, when he had packed his bag. Now he was lurking next the exit awaiting Yonatan.

The professor stopped, squinted in the twilight, while pushing back his glases on his nose and smirked: "A pleasent evening indeed. I did not expect you back so soon."

The shadow detouched from the pitch black of the wall and approached Yonatan: "I just wanted to see, what you're up to and how you still manage to conform to this society."

"Your arrival is untimely. Is there a reason to worry?"

The shadow grined: "Quite the opposite! Everything went extremely well. But let's postpone the chating for later."

They stepped out of the lecture hall and the professor locked the heavy swing door. The other one glazed at the empty, round lobby before the two hall. It was reached via four straight, steel staircases to both sides of the large doors leading to four exits on the ground level. Up there through the window front behind the round corridor the dim darkness broke trough. A greyish night lid by the defuse relexion of the city light in the clouds. Next to two of the exits winding stairs lead up to the offices of the institute staff. The professor turned and beheld the other for a moment amused in the neon light of the floor. It just did not quite fit; the fierce face with the hooknose and the vigilant, dark blue eyes in such a tide collar. A Collar usually worn by conform, blank faces of the future elite. Yonatan wondered how much efford and gel had tamed the spiky and rebeling dark blond hair in a shimmering helmet. The professor went ahead outside and look over the campus. Black gray clouds rushed over the glas and concrete blocks. They walked over the squard slabs and fast growing mosses and weeds in gaps passing the building for mathematics -an inhabitable approximation of a Menger sponge-. They reached the row of bunker-like, flat lecturer appartments and followed it to the number 72 of the all alike concrete blocks. The professor looked in the iris scanner. The massive metal door opened just to show another wooden door behind it. This door with it's elegant carved features didn't quite fit in the surroundings either. The professor lifted a small, antique looking metal stick with a saw toothed side to a hole in the door. The younger fellow view the device bewildered looking instinctivly for some kind of automated opening mechanism as so many times before. He just would not get used to this mechanism. Yonatan turned the key two times and the door swang open.

They stepped inside in what the young would have described as a literature museeum. Even the small entrance hall was filled with shelfs upon shelfs of real books. Only a mirrow decorated with silver flowers paused the non-ending wall of book. On the opposite side a paper-wooden door led in the wide kitchen. The kitchen was connected to the living room through a bright, marble arc. The living room was a 5 metre high, round atrium with bookselfs for walls only interruped by the fireplace and the sleeping balcony above the entrance, kitchen and bathroom. A red shining synthetic leather arm chair and a white-faintpink stripped sofa with wooden feets faced the fireplace. Inbetween a small glas table stood overflowing with books and one old reading lamp with stitched flowers to the shade. On the sofa lied a pillow showing a curious, cute animal. The back side opened to one big window wall. A heavy dark wooden desk stood right before it, nearly unnoticable due to the numerous pillars of papers and book ontop and before it. Models of ancient flying machines and subsolar rockets dangled from the ceiling. A big round marble table took the center of the room. Five very uneven seats where gathered around it, one simple wooden chair, one white folding chair, one black leather spanned S forming metal frame chair, one white-faintpink wood chair fitting to the sofa and one wicker chair. Porcelain cups and a black steel can where left on the table. A steep staircase led to the sleeping area between the door to the entrance and to the bathroom.

"Feel free to take a seat, Tailor!" Yonatan offered after closing the door and went in the kitchen to boil some water for tea.

Tailor prowled in the living room and lounge in the red arm chair.

He losened the tide clothing. Yonatan joined him with a flowered porcelain teapot, which he first had to place on the ground in order to free the small table of most of the books. He fetched two fitting teacups from the kitchen, some sugar and some creamy white liquid called Protipotioaqu, or propota for short. He took a place on the sofa and looked at his younger guest expecting some further explanation to his early visit. Tailor grined silently, nipping on his tea and embracing the excited tension in the air. Yonatan lifted his cup without losing view of him and exclaimed: "Well, in any case I am pleased to have you here and I am very glad your back and well."

Tailor bursted in loud laughter without losing controll over his cup: "Don't be shy. You may ask me anything and I'm happy to tell you."

Yonatan smiled friendly pushing the glases back on his nose: "So how did it go?"

Tailor leaned back and started talking: "In fact we didn't had even to search for them, they came to us. The Shirse had recieved word from others that we were no enemies and had good intentions. The president of the clan invited us and we could explain our plans to her. She was surprised and pleased to hear of our enterprise wishing for peaceful coexistence just like the Shrislce. She has invited me to speak in parlament soon. The best thing was I didn't even had to use my less than fluent Shirsirdsi at all. There was actually a worker understanding even speaking Human and translating for me. She learnt it back in the plague to be of help and never stopped hoping that on day communication could be widely possible and necessary, a very inspiring individuel."

"That all sounds like excellent news for the planet indeed. If there is something I can help with... "

Tailor grined: "Thanks, old friend! You have done so much for us. If necessary I will contact you. But today, well today I am only here to celebrate some success with you. Later I will be off to the city collecting the reports of the groups. It seams we had a lot of new supporters recently. If things continue this way, we will finally be able to free the planet in no time."

Yonatan filled the cups with a big conspiring grin: "Marvelous!"

Tailor's answer was a boyish sneer, while he nipped on his cup.

The long night covered the city Anpin in black clouds. A few lights greyened the night sky. But in the old industrial sectors no glimps fell between the obsolete first construction halls and manufactures. Quiet and unnoticed, slow but unstopping winds and branches crouched though the broken windows and cracks in the darkness, and grow a soft green-blue blanket over the cuting shardes, rusty metal machine skelletons and contrete walls. A breez carried in new seeds feathered in flying fluff. They swirled upwards dancing like snowflakes und sank eventually to the ground in the dreamfilled darkness of the night between the cracks and glittering shards. White flowers emerged from the enwebbed walls. A young tree just reaching through the broken windows of the ceiling stood in the middle of the hall. A figure leaned at it looking through the branches in the sky.

The old, rusty iron gate opened shriekingly a slit and a shadow gazed inside carefully and searched the shadowy hall for the figure.

"Loflain?" he wispered and the building echoed fadely.

"Longfeng!" cheered the figure below the tree and sprang towards the shadow.

He opened his arm to embrace her. In his armes she smiled: "It is good to see you!"

He responded: "Good to see YOU! How was your week?"

She sighed: "The usual elite talk. They all are so classy, exclusive and proud, but the truth they forget is the are just ordinary Humans like everyone else, doing what they do with is different but in no way better or more escential. This thought of earned success is posioning society."

Longfeng looked at her mildly: "Don't worry to much. At least everyone gets a chance. Not everyone can live like a king, we are just not all the same. I work 10 hours a day and I don't worry about it. I know I contribute to society the best I can and I just was not qualified for more important jobs."

Loflain sighed again: "You can not think that way. Don't you at all think it is weird or sick, that people like us aren't supposed to know eachother just because we work different jobs and have a different education? Why do we both feel we need to meet hidden, why can't we meet openly?"

"Well, you have to say, it is out of the ordinary, that we are aqquinded. I mean in the end it would not be impossible to get a completely wrong idea, like pervert, like you know, like we would, you know each other a lot or something as sick as that."

Drawing a breath Loflain sank to the moss floor and mumbled: "Stop talking nonsense. We are no perverts."

Longfeng kneed next to her: "Let's not argue, when we finally have the chance to meet up."

Loflain nodded and pulled a box filled with fruits and baked pieces out of her bag: "I brought something for you."

Longfengs eyes were lighting up in the dark: Real food! Let alone the taste was just uncomparably better than the taste of the synthesized food normally consumed.

Longfeng was a simple worker. And he was breed for simple work as his name already implied. The Symbolnamed people were always meant to be the best workers with disziplin and stamina for physical labour. Their genetic composition would focus on characteristics supporting such qualities und in the most case also there appereance showed there inbreed purpose compared to the people bred for social or intellectual work. Of course work as not assigned by birth, but it was unusual that a symbolnamed person would reach a degree allowing higher education. They were workers and everyone knew that. Therefore many of them arrived with the first colony wave. Longfeng however was one of the first children completely produced and grown on Ying, in the first childhouse. The generation before him was still raised by the colonists. Longfeng was a typical symbolnamed, no just due to his black hair and almond eyes, but due to his loyalty, his stamina und diligence.

That a industrial worker like him and a student like Loflain were in contact at all was uncommon and if nothing else a random chance, because they both happened to be a little to curious. So the first time they met was in the middle of the middleforsts, which were for Humans hardly bareble due to the high pressure, air moisture and wild animals. But both of them were just to faszinated by the nature of their largly unexplored home planet to keep away. Just a big coincidence brought them together and they shared their astonishment and excitement and all the new knowledge about the planet ever since.

While they were eating, Longfeng grinned mysteriously and declared: "I have something with me, too."

Loflain looked up curiously and glanced at his dirty fabric bag. He opened the buckle and with a soft swirling sound a light rose from the bag. Loflain squinched her eyes flashed by the light. Slowly the contours of a three segmented, hand sized, round insectoid body covered in glowing hair became clear in the centre of the light. The huge black infrared compound eyes of the creature directed their view to Loflain. Longfeng was holding a piece of fruit for the creature, which then chose to land on his hand with four of his feet and grepped the fruit with the remaining to front legs and started to nibble on it.

Loflain laughed: "How cute! I have never seen anything like it. How should be call it?"

Longfeng responded: "I called him Sirili."

"May I?" she asked. He nodded. Loflain took a second piece of fruit and held it up for the small creature. Sirili looked at here hesitatingly, tilted its head and fetched the fruit from there hand.

Loflain smiled: "That is so faszinating. There must be some kind of fluorezending fluids in his hair."

Longfeng added gleaming with excitement: "It even changes colours. It is red, when in danger, and green to attract others and its sense of smell seems to be excellent!"

Loflain looked at it chewing the fruit: "I like him!"

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